Visitor Membership

$30 for 1 month

You may be a visitor to Canberra for a short period, or a student wanting an art activity during your holidays. Or you may wish to try out any of our Art groups before joining the CAW. Or you may like to give a creative gift to a friend. Try the CAW Visitor’s Pass.

  • The CAW offers this Visitor’s Pass which is valid for 30 days from date of purchase.
  • You can use this Visitor’s Pass to access any of our Art Groups.
  • Please note that this Visitor’s Pass does not give CAW membership rights or access to any other activities such as workshops or courses.

Claiming a Visitor’s Pass gift voucher?

  • Choose from one of the memberships that you were given.
    • Full membership voucher claim link
    • Pensioner / senior voucher claim link
    • Students voucher claim link
    • Visitor membership voucher claim link
  • Select ‘”Add to cart”
  • Add the voucher you have received in the space provided. The system will prevent proceeding any further if there’s no voucher.
  • Check out as normal