CAW response to the Corona-virus pandemic update - CAW reopening 30 October.

(Revised) 2 October 2021


The progress of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be carefully monitored by the Canberra Art Workshop. We continue to ensure the studio is a safe environment for all attendees. Please follow the guidelines below.

Guidelines to CAW studio users

Stop the spread

CAW recommends that you have a double dose COVID-19 vaccination before attending studio

Please do not enter the CAW studio if:

  • you are feeling unwell, experiencing a fever, cough or any symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or a simple cold, OR
  • you have been asked to stay at home for any reason even if you have no symptoms, such as
    waiting for test results, possible exposure to the virus etc.

Sign In

Please use the ACT Check-In App.  Participants can sign in either at the M16 entrance or in the CAW studio (but no need to sign in twice) for the purposes of contact tracing. If you do not have a smart phone, please ask your convenor to sign in for you.


Please wear a mask at all times if requested by the ACT Government

Limits on numbers and social distancing

  • All studio participants must use the CAW’s online booking and payment system prior to
    attending. This way we manage restricted numbers and avoid any handling of cash.
  • Maximum numbers in the studio are 14 (including a tutor and model where relevant).
  • Please observe social distancing at all times including between easels, tables and/or chairs and
    when moving about the studio. Currently this is set at 4 square metres per person.

Studio Hygiene

  • If possible, the windows and / or door should be opened during sessions to allow the flow of air.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser at the studio entry and bring your own hand towel, plastic rubbish bag and cleaning cloth to wipe easel or tables at the end of the session
  • Labels above the two sinks in the kitchen area indicate that:
    • one is for washing crockery and cutlery only
    • the other is for all other cleaning purposes — hand washing, studio and art materials
  • Please do not share food; bring your own refreshments, mug, water bottle and/or thermos etc. Please limit your use of studio cutlery and crockery, but if you do, place all items in the dishwasher. It is the responsibility of the last group each day to turn the dishwasher on and the first group in the morning to empty it. If the fridge is used, please empty it at the end of each session.
  • Please limit sharing of art materials.
  • Each group must ensure thorough cleaning of other surfaces in the studio at the end of each session. The studio is professionally cleaned once a week (Friday afternoon).


  • Models should not share drapes, cushions or other materials.
  • Every model is asked to bring their own sheet and cushions if required and take them home at the end of the session. Convenors may keep a spare set in case the model is unable to comply; in which case, the convenor will take them home at the end of the session.

CAW Committee and Convenors

Letter to ACT Health Directorate from Prue Power.

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