New Membership

All CAW Membership Fees include GST (from 1 October)

Full Membership


Per annum renewable every 12 months from joining date.

Pensioners / Superannuants


Per annum renewable every 12 months from joining date.

Full-time Students


Per annum renewable every 12 months from joining date.

Visitor Membership


Grant access to all art groups for 1 month from joining date.


A few questions that are asked frequently.


If I join, what can I expect?

The CAW is welcoming to artists of all skill levels and offers a stimulating and supportive environment for artists to learn and practice.
CAW encourages a positive and sociable experience for all members, convenors, tutors and models – built on mutual respect and sharing, so everyone has a fun and creative experience.
There are a wide variety of activities to choose from (see pages in this website).
Members receive discounts on all CAW Classes and Workshops. However, Art Groups do apply some extra fees per term and for models (where applicable).
Members receive a regular newsletter which keeps them up to date on all activities and discussions within the Association.

How is CAW governed and managed?

The CAW is a not-for-profit association, incorporated in ACT and governed by a volunteer Board. Board members, including office bearers, are elected by the membership at the annual general meeting and serve a one-year term.
Convenors are the leaders of our Art Groups and offer a welcome to all participants.
Volunteer Teams of members are formed to undertake the work involved in various activities, such as Events, Communications, Exhibitions and Membership.
CAW’s Charter can be viewed here.

Can I show my artwork?

CAW offers a variety of ways for members to show their work.
There are 2 annual exhibitions (see exhibition page) that shows an online Gallery displaying the artwork for the following 12 months.
A rotating studio exhibition is open to all Art Group participants.

How can I volunteer?

CAW welcomes volunteers. You can email us on to offer your help.

What is expected of me?

By becoming a CAW member you agree to support and abide by the Constitution/Rules of the association for the time being in force.

Need help renewing your membership?

This PDF will guide you through the steps required to renew you membership.
Need further assistance?  Email