TUTORED: WATERCOLOUR with Chan Dissanayake


This two-day workshop will suit students who have been exposed to the medium of watercolour and want to extend their knowledge to the next level.

M16 Artspace
Studio B
21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT
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Skill Level
Intermediate to Advanced

Sunday 9 & 23 May 2021


Tutor: Chan Dissanayake

FEES: $246.00
FEES: $307.00

This 2 Day workshop will suit students who have been exposed to the medium of watercolour and want to extend their knowledge to the next level. We will specifically concentrate on how to inject and capture the mood of the subject. The truly magical qualities of watercolour can best be demonstrated in portraying atmospheric effects. We will paint a variety of subjects, producing two paintings a day from start to finish. Each painting will be chosen to demonstrate a certain technique or a key learning point. There will be lots of useful discussion as well as tips on how to avoid potential pitfalls. 

If you enjoy the challenge of producing loose and bold watercolours, then this is for you.  

Chan is well known for his generosity in sharing his insights and experiences in watercolour. There will be many demonstrations showing you how to create depth, incorporate figures, and connect shapes, edge control and how to exploit the medium in creating magical effects. Each student will receive personal attention and encouragement.

About the tutor

Chan Dissanayake is a multi-award winning watercolour artist living in Canberra ACT. Over the last 15 years his passion has turned to watercolour, a medium that thrives in spontaneous response and free expression.

His mastery in watercolour is manifested by the vast and varying subject matter that he tackles from rural landscapes, urban city scapes to coastal seascapes. In 2017, Chan received the ultimate accolade for an Australian watercolourist when he was elected to the elite Australian Watercolour Institute.

Known for his innovative approach to teaching and generosity in sharing his knowledge, Chan has gained considerable reputation as an outstanding tutor. He conducts workshops throughout the country and leads international painting tours for Travelrite International. Currently, he teaches watercolour at the ANU (Australian National University). He has contributed many articles to leading art publications including International Artist, Australian Artist and Artists Palette.

His quick and direct approach to watercolour has earned him much success and respect both nationally and internationally.


Cancellation / Refund Policy

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Materials list

When it comes to materials, I would highly recommend buying the best quality materials you could afford. These will make a significant difference to your work and avoid unnecessary frustrations. In the list below I have avoided, where possible any unnecessary expensive materials and provided you with cheaper alternatives.


Saunders Waterford 300gsm Rough Surface or Arches 300gsm rough or medium texture. (I mostly use rough. It is much more economical to buy the full sheets and cut it into various sizes.) These are available from all major art suppliers. For students trying to use quarter sheets, you can use Arches 185gsm medium surface (Cold Pressed) which will be a little cheaper. Alternatively, you may want to buy blocks that come in books (expensive). I encourage the students to work on quarter sheet papers. One full sheet is sufficient for a day’s work.


I use a medium-size squirrel mop brush with a sharp point (Size 8 to 12) for most of my paintings. As the sizes vary with different manufacturers it is difficult to specify an exact size. A good quality brush will hold a lot of pigment and present a sharp point when fully loaded. A cheaper alternative is to buy a medium to large Chinese/Japanese Sumi Calligraphy brush, these are able to hold a lot of pigments as well as provide fine brushwork. You don’t need to buy every expensive brush on the market, but please get a few artist-quality brushes. It will make a significant difference to your work.

Essential Brushes

  • Medium Size squirrel hair or natural hair Mop brush ( Size 8 to 12) or Chinese Calligraphy brush
  • Size 12 round Brush with a sharp point (Synthetic)
  • Size 8 Round with sharp point (Synthetic)
  • Size 0 or 1 Rigger (Synthetic)
  • Extra Brushes (Optional)
  • Size 6 Dagger also known as a ‘Sword brush’ (Natural Hair)
  • 1” inch Flat Brush (Synthetic)
  • 2” inch Hake (Natural Hair).


If you already have watercolour paint, bring what you have. But if you are buying please make sure you buy artist quality paints. I prefer to use tube paints, they can be left on the palette to dry and can be reused. The following are well-known artist quality brands available through local art suppliers; Windsor & Newton, Art Spectrum, Daler Rowney, Rembrandt, Holbein, Schmincke Daniel Smith. Essentially you will need warmer and cooler primary colour.


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