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Removing Items From Your Shopping Cart

by | 15 Apr 2023 | Blog post

Accidently booked too many places in that awesome workshop?  It’s usually easy to resolve. It’s easiest on a desktop computer, but it’s now possible on a tablet or phone.

Log into your account and click on “View cart” or the cart icon to view the items currently in your shopping cart;

You should be able to see all the items you have already selected…

On Phones and tablets you can access your cart here:

Shopping cart on Phones

Shopping cart on Phones

There is a small red ‘X’ to remove the item from your cart, click on this for the unwanted items and they should disappear from the cart.

Now go to ‘checkout’ and there should only be the desired item. You can now finalise your booking.

If you are still having problems please get in touch, on very rare occasions the shopping cart can not be accessed and the website manager has to assist.