Sallie Saunders

Three entries.

Our own inner and physical being

Ned Loves His | 2020 | Encauastic on Birch ply | 36cms x 28cms | A response to the conspiracy theorists who descended on Glenrowan to protest about the wearing of masks in Victoria. Protesters claimed that “You wouldn’t catch Ned Kelly dead wearing a face mask” | $120

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Sallie Saunders Ned Loves His Mother Encauastic on Birch ply
Our natural environment

The Pink Lake | 2020 | Acrylic on canvas | 60cm x 50cm | An abstract landscape honouring our “trees and waterways “under siege” in the current climate emergency | $270

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Sallie Saunders The Pink Lake Acrylic on canvas
Our built environment — in our country, region, city, society, local community or our homes

Canberra Foreshore | 2020 | Acrylic, collage, oil pastel on canvas | 60cms x 60cms | Abstract vision of the Canberra foreshore including the Australian Museum | $270

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Sallie Saunders Canberra Foreshore