Still-Life Painting 2 with Chelsea Lehmann (15-16 April 2023 )


Date 15-16 April 2023
Time 10am-4pm Saturday & Sunday (12 hours)
Location CAW, Studio B
Address 21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT
Class size 12 (13 including tutor and 14 including model)
Price $234.00 (including GST): CAW Member | ASOC Coupon 

$292.00 (including GST): Non-Member

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Learn or expand your skills in the art of still life painting in a structured workshop environment with individual guidance and demonstrations. Working from a still-life setup including drapery and objects with varying surface qualities and textures illuminated with a light source, this workshop will guide you through a range of painting techniques to explore the rich possibilities for creating engaging compositions through the quiet power of everyday objects.

Materials list

Art journal, graphite pencil and eraser for sketches from life. You may also bring an object and or fabric that could be potentially used in the still-life set up.

Oil or acrylic paint, however emphasis will be placed on skill development in oil painting. Winsor & Newton or Art Spectrum are suggested artist quality brands. (Artist quality is preferred, but student quality is acceptable.)


PAINT COLOURS – 40ml tubes:

  1. Alizarin Crimson  (or a similar cool red)
  2. Cadmium Red Light (or a similar warm red)
  3. Cadmium Yellow Deep (or a similar warm yellow)
  4. Lemon Yellow (or a similar cool yellow)
  5. Phthalo Blue (this is the best cool blue pigment to get)
  6. Ultramarine Blue (this is the best warm blue pigment to get)
  7. Burnt Umber 
  8. Yellow Ochre 
  9. Burnt Sienna 
  10. Titanium White


Odourless Solvent (500 ml) 

Lean Odourless Painting Medium (100 ml)- any brand

Fat Odourless Painting Medium (100 ml)- any brand

Other mediums (optional):

Winsor & Newton Liquin, small bottle 

*For acrylic painting you can use a medium such as Flow or Binder medium, or just water



Paint brush pack with a selection of shapes and sizes, e.g.:  

Cheap hog bristle flats, rounds and filberts ranging between 5mm & 5cm are ideal. 

Also useful: 

Synthetic flat brushes (Nylon or Taklon) in a range of sizes such as #2, #6, #10.

Synthetic pointed brushes such as #1, #3.

1 x stretched canvas/linen, canvas board, board etc. of any scale you think appropriate.



If using oils, acrylic paint may be used for preparing grounds and laying in tonal underpainting.

flat palette, palette knife, glass jars with lids, rags, disposable gloves for skin protection, apron, masking tape, HB pencil, eraser, sandpaper (fine grade e.g. 240)

About the tutor

Chelsea Lehmann has exhibited extensively in Australia for the past two decades, and has been the recipient of several awards, grants, and local and international residencies. Her most recent exhibitions include Persona (Flinders Street Gallery, Sydney, 2020), June (MARS Gallery, Melbourne, 2019), Bad Mannerism (Galerie pompom, Sydney, 2018), and The Articulate Surface (UNSW Galleries, Sydney, 2018). She is a Lecturer in Drawing at the National Art School and completed a PhD at UNSW Art & Design in 2019.


Oil or acrylic paint, however emphasis will be placed on skill development in oil painting (see full material list).

Skill level

Intermediate to advanced

Cancellation / Refund Policy

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