Leigh Walker. An 8-week course starting 20 October 2021.

Wednesday afternoons

An eight-week course teaching solid foundational drawing skills.

Term 3: Wednesday 20 October – Wednesday 10 November


Tutor: Leigh Walker

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FEE for CAW MEMBERS: $463.00

FEE for NON-MEMBERS: $579.00

Maximum 12 students per class

Discover and refine your drawing skills with acclaimed artist and teacher Leigh D Walker in a relaxed and encouraging environment. Firmly believing that drawing is the basis for all artistic practice, Leigh is a passionate advocate of teaching solid foundational skills.

We will explore a variety of drawing techniques and materials in this 8-week course to introduce students to different ways of seeing, thinking and drawing. How to sketch form, understanding tonal variations, quality of line, shading and subtractive drawing are just a few of the techniques we will be covering.

Our afternoons will be fun and relaxed, with plenty of room to experiment, explore, and get into the real nitty-gritty of drawing.

This course will focus on object, still life, figure and portrait drawing and is suitable for all levels of experience: from absolute beginner to advanced.

There will be plenty of one-on-one tuition and both new and returning students are welcome.

Beginner to Advanced.

Additional information


HB pencil
2B pencil
4B pencil
Sharpener or knife
Willow charcoal: a variety of widths
white pencil (General’s White Scribe: All is excellent)
kneadable eraser (putty rubber)
Hard Eraser
black pencil (General’s Scribe: All or Staedler Mars Lumograph Black)
Charcoal Pencil
2x A1 (approximate) black card 250–300 gsm (available at Eckersleys, $$ shops and newsagents)
2x A1 brown craft paper 180–200gsm (available at Eckersleys)
white pastel / conte
Compressed charcoal
Coloured pencils – these don't need to be fancy ones, just a pack of mid-range ones (10–20 colours)
2 x Brown Craft Paper (available from Eckersleys)
2 x Black Card (available at newsagents).
NB: White drawing paper will be provided