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Collagraphs – Printmaking with found materials with Basil Hall (1-2 July 2023)


Date Saturday-Sunday 1-2 July 2023
Time 12 hours (6 per day)
Media Collagraph Printmaking
Location CAW Studio B, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith ACT
Class size 12 (plus tutor and /or model)
Price Members $243 (including GST)

ASOC Coupon $243 (including GST)

Non-members $304 (including GST)


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A weekend Collagraph Workshop with Basil Hall.

Basil Hall will introduce techniques for creating beautiful prints using collagraph plates. Collagraphs are usually printed from an inexpensive matrix made of collaged and textured card, rather than the metal plates traditionally used in etching. Ply, masonite, old etching plates and perspex are other surfaces that can be used as a surface on which to build up and cut away a design or image. 

The workshop will involve looking at many of the ways in which the plates can be built up or carved into, to create the lines, tones and textures you want in your finished print. Once the plates have been made and varnished, Basil will spend some time demonstrating different intaglio and relief printing techniques, including a la poupée inking, viscosity over-rolls and multi-plate printing. Participants will be able to proof and print their images in full colour. Collagraph prints are inked up and printed in a similar way to etching plates and look every bit as crisp and dynamic as their more famous counterparts. Bring your imagination and a sense of adventure. Two fun days of cutting, gouging, peeling, varnishing, sanding, collaging, inking and rolling up await you.

Additional information


All materials supplied in the course cost.

Participants may wish to print their own images as source material.

Wear old clothes or aprons.


Collagraphs – Printmaking with found materials with Basil Hall (15-16 July 2023)

Materials list

Materials that are included in the price:

  • Etching or relief oil-based inks x 6-7 colours
  • Extender base or transparent medium for oil-based inks
  • Medium plate oil
  • Tarlatan x 5m
  • Small, medium and one large roller
  • Mat board
  • Acrylic gloss medium 
  • PVA glue (and several small squirty bottles of PVA)
  • Acrylic gesso
  • Acrylic modelling paste
  • Shellac and methylated spirits for coating the plates
  • Tin of carborundum grit (80-120 grade)
  • Bottle of Akua carborundum paste
  • Sandpapers of various finer grades 400-1200
  • Tracing paper and carbon paper
  • Hahnemuhle paper for printing onto (extra paper will be available for sale at a very reasonable rate)
  • A variety of papers, tissue, corrugated card, thin card, old textured wallpapers, cereal box card, fine bandage, glad wrap, thin wet and dry sandpaper, fine fabric and even some more organic things (like oats, lichen, salt and other fine plant material).
  • Vegetable oil for clean up

ALL OF THE ABOVE can be adhered to our plates and used to make texture and tone.

Participants to bring:

  • Old clothes
  • Rags for clean up
  • Disposable gloves (a packet of the close-fitting ones; not the big formless floppy ones or washing up gloves)
  • Pencil and some small brushes, suitable for gluing
  • Ideas in the form of drawings, photos, iPads or a willingness to wander the garden and draw in it!
  • Small Exacto or Olfa cutting knife with replaceable blades 
  • Other printmaking tools that you think might make interesting marks
  • Any interesting textural stuff such as a variety of thin papers, tissue, corrugated card, thin card, old textured wallpapers, cereal box card, fine bandage, glad wrap, thin wet and dry sandpaper, fine fabric and even some more organic things like oats, lichen, salt and other fine plant material.

About the tutor

Basil Hall has been working as a printer for other artists since his first collaborations with glass artist, Klaus Moje, in 1983.


He trained at the Australian National University (ANU), teaching for a number of years in Moss Vale and Bowral before returning to the national capital to study printmaking at the Canberra School of Art under Jörg Schmeisser.

From 1987-1995 he ran Studio One National Print Workshop in Canberra, an access and editioning facility. Here he and his team worked with scores of artists such as Schmeisser, Mandy Martin, Garry Shead, Rosalie Gascoigne, George Gittoes, Judy Watson and Raymond Arnold.

In 1995 he received a Churchill Fellowship to study at printmaking studios in Europe and USA.

From 1996 until 2001, he was Printmaking Lecturer at the Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory and Editioning Manager of Northern Editions. In 2002, he started Basil Hall Editions. He and his printers made editions with hundreds of artists from over 55 Art Centres in Central Australia, Arnhem Land, the Tiwi Islands and Kimberley area of Western Australia and travelled regularly to remote aboriginal communities and other locations in Australia to instigate and collaborate on printmaking projects.

Basil is now based in Canberra and continues to print editions of etchings, relief prints and silkscreen prints. He invites artists to join him in collaborations in his studio in leafy Ainslie and he runs workshops and summer schools around Australia and on Skopelos in Greece.



Skill level

Beginner to advanced.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

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