AG2- Monday PM Life Drawing with Susan Banks


Date Term 1: Monday 31 January – Monday 4 April
Term 2: Monday 25 April – Monday 27 June
Term 3: Monday 18 July – Monday 19 September
Term 4: Monday 10 October – Monday 12 December
Time Monday afternoon, 1.00pm–4.00pm
Location CAW Studio B, 21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith ACT
Convenor Susan Banks (
Fee $20.00 per session
Notes The Monday afternoon life drawing group offers both live and on-line options.  This form is for studio bookings. Maximum 13 participants per session (plus model).

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Only dates available for booking will show in red.

Once the group is full the date will disappear.

NB: navigate to the ‘Online Life Drawing’ form if you are not attending the session in person.

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Come along and see what you can do! Fabulous models, supportive colleagues, people with all levels of experience really welcome. Take the plunge. Try it out. We welcome new members and old.
Make sure you bring your art materials with you and arrive 10 minutes before we start at 1.00. Easels, boards, tables and “donkeys” are available in the studio. The rest of your materials you need to bring, but a piece of paper and a pencil is enough..

NB: Photos of life models posing nude are not permitted.

CAW guidelines for operating in an online group

  1. Participants should exercise a respectful and reasonable restraint during CAW’s online sessions, so that any conversation on the single audio channel is shared equitably amongst all.
  2. Unless the convenor has engaged the group in a general conversation, participants are asked to mute themselves; they may unmute during breaks.
  3. The convenor will mute a participant if there is unnecessary conversation or other noise (eg a dog barking, a pencil scraping).
  4. Participants are also requested to use the online chat function for commenting. The comments will be answered by the convenor.
  5. Convenors may organise an email thread after the session so that participants can share and discuss their work. Participants are encouraged to use this forum, but are asked to limit private correspondence.
  6. Unless invited by the convenor, no participant can screen share.
With a model
  1. The convenor of a life drawing or portrait session will advise all participants of the intended times for the poses: at the start of the session for the first half and after the break for the second half of the session.
  2. Portrait images (e.g. screenshots) may not be used without express permission from the model and NEVER in life-drawing sessions (irrespective of the model’s consent)

Cancellation / Refund Policy

Cancellation/Refund policy can be found HERE