Theme: the transitions we go through as artists, or the transitions occurring and affectiong us in the world today.

Online and M16 Gallery 1.

FULL EXHIBITION DETAILS (including specifications and dates)

All exhibitors must be a Canberra Art Workshop (CAW) member.

Please direct queries to: exhibitionscaw@gmail.com

IT’S MAY – our first Exhibition for 2023 is under way.

Our world has changed – time to focus on these transitions.

ON SHOW – TRANSITIONS we grow and change as artists new things challenge us and capture our imagination – also – the world around us has changed so much since 2019 (not all of it for the better).
There’s a huge scope to work with, put on you favouirte music, turn the volume up, set up your easel and get creative!

Key dates:

Friday 7 April – 28 April

Entries now closed.

Sunday 7 May

Deliver artwork to CAW Studio for hanging in M16 Gallery: 1.00 to 4.00pm.

Thursday 11 May

Exhibition will commence in-gallery at M16.

Sunday 4 June

Exhibition will finish in-gallery at M16.

Monday 5 June

Exhibition ‘bump-out’ — collect artworks from M16 Gallery — 10.00am to 1.00pm, or organise someone to collect for you.




All exhibitors must be a financial CAW member. 

Now that we are going ahead with the physical exhibition in Gallery 1 at M16, we can accept up to three entries.

Image of submitted work must be of:

  • original artwork created in the last 18 months
  • uploaded as a high-resolution (1Mb-3Mb) jpeg image 
  • received by 5.00pm on the closing date, on this website with the completed form (including all details — about yourself and the artwork), plus a 25-word description of your artwork.

The Curator will make a judgement about the images of works to post.


‘TRANSITIONS’ the transitions we go through as artists, or the transitions occurring and affectiong us in the world today.


$50 ($45 for superannuates/pensioners) — non-refundable.


Due to increased cost the exhibition calalogue can not be provided free of charge.  If you would like a printed colour catalogue of the exhibition they can be purchased for $5.00 when you submit your entry form.


Entry fee must be paid via the application form. 


Submission of your image automatically includes permission for CAW to use it at our discretion, including for promotional and social media purposes (which may include some careful photo editing).


M16 applies a 33% commission to all sales.

Purchase the On-Show Calalogue now and collect at the gallery.  At just $5.00 it makes a great souvenir!

Or download a software (PDF) version of the catalogue.