Theme: Environmental and Human Health

Online and M16 Gallery 1.

FULL EXHIBITION DETAILS (including specifications and dates)

All exhibitors must be a Canberra Art Workshop (CAW) member.

Please direct queries to: eventscaw@gmail.com

It’s good news that M16 is reopening its Gallery 1. So CAW is able to hang our exhibition after all, from 13–30 August 2020. You can view the promotion on M16’s website here. There will also be a virtual show on CAW’s Online Gallery.  
Now that we are going ahead with the physical exhibition in Gallery 1 at M16, we can accept up to three entries.  

Key dates

Monday 30 July

Complete online form, pay fee, upload a hi-res image of artwork(s) by 5.00pm.

Sunday 9 August

Delivery of actual works to CAW Studio for hanging in M16 Gallery: 10.00am to 1.00pm.

Thursday 13 August

Exhibition will commence in-gallery at M16 and online.

Sunday 30 August

Exhibition will finish in-gallery at M16.

Monday 31 August

Exhibition ‘bump-out’ — collect artworks from M16 Gallery — 10.00am to 1.00pm, or organise someone to collect for you.



All exhibitors must be a CAW member. 

Now that we are going ahead with the physical exhibition in Gallery 1 at M16, we can accept up to three entries.

Image of submitted work must be of:

  • original artwork created since January 2019 
  • uploaded as a high-resolution (1Mb-3Mb) jpeg image 
  • received by 5.00pm on 30 July 2020 on this website with the completed form (including all details — about yourself and the artwork), plus a 50-word description of your artwork.

The Curator will make a judgement about the images of works to post.


This year we are featuring the themes of environmental health and human health.

In an unusual twist, works that fit these general themes may also be submitted for use on CD covers (the 2020 Hush Foundation music recordings) or on posters for wider public display, possibly printed by allied organisations or companies. 


Works in this show are to depict or comment on the health of:

  1. our natural environment
  2. our built environment — in our country, region, city, society, local community or our homes
  3. our own inner and physical being.


$40 ($35 for superannuates/pensioners) — non-refundable.


Entry fee must be PAID by 30 July 2020 to ensure eligibility to exhibit. 


Images will remain online for approximately one year. 

Submission of your image automatically includes permission for CAW to use it at our discretion, including for promotional and social media purposes (which may include some careful photo editing).

CAW will put any interested buyer in touch with you individually so that you can manage the sale, collection, postage, or couriering of the work to them. 

CAW will not take responsibility for any sales or transfer of works to purchasers

EXAMPLE: of Ecoscapes by Prue Power



The Form

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