Landscapes with a Difference

Acrylic paints

Places are limited to 12 students for all workshops.

M16 Artspace

Studio B

21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT 2604

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21–22 November 2020


Tutor: Ann Rayment


Free up, experience painting expressively and learn many fun techniques.




A great start for both beginners and those with experience to free up and experience painting expressively, utilizing many fun techniques. You will learn how to make a response to what you see as well as different ways to approach an impressionistic landscape. Paint with a palette knife, rag, brush, paper towel and cotton buds. Layer with ink, acrylic, collage and oil pastels or acrylic pens.

About the tutor

Ann is an art teacher working out of ArtisAnn Studio 40 in Leeton, NSW. She runs 3 classes of 10 students per week. Her expressive, contemporary style has been awarded many prizes in art shows around the country. Ann works with many mediums to produce her mixed media works. She likes to work quickly and intuitively, layering printing, collage, drawing, paint and pastel until she is happy with the piece. Living in the country and traveling around the world have had a huge influence on Ann’s work. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the style of her work.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

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Materials list

  • paints– bring the paints you have. I suggest artist acrylics if you can. I use Atelier Interactives and Matisse structure and flow.  If you can only get student acrylics choose the ones which are thicker (Chroma A2 is a good one)
  • warm red ( tomato )– pyrrole red or cadmium red medium 
  • cool red- (crimson), alizarin crimson or napthol crimson
  • warm yellow ( sun)- cad yellow medium, 
  • cool yellow (lemon)- arylamide yellow light, cadmium yellow light or lemon yellow
  • warm blue ( royal)- ultramarine blue 
  • cool blue (greeny blue)-cerulean or pthalo 
  • titanium white (this must be artist quality)
  • black
  • burnt sienna, paynes grey, turquoise, purple, yellow ochre
  • must haves: deep rose madder*,Australian Sienna Matisse)* and transparent red oxide*(*These are transparent paints and important to have in your kit for glazes and washes)
  • high flow acrylics (2 harmonising colours eg: red and orange or blue and green): Holcroft, Global Golden etc
  • charcoal
  • black and coloured inks
  • Gesso (this is a primer)(or a cheap white paint)
  • acrylic medium or PVA glue
  • A2 cartridge paper (125gsm+) (10 sheets)
  • 2 small 30x30cm canvases
  • 2 bigger canvases (50x60cm or bigger)
  • 2 watercolour or oil paper sheets at least 300gsm.
  • palette knife (metal) and brushes (a fan brush, round , flat, wider flat)
  • spray bottle
  • large flat palette (glass chopping board or tile is good) or smooth paper plate
  • paper towel
  • masking tape
  • cotton buds (stick type)
  • small scratchy sticks
  • oil pastels or posca pens (acrylic pens available at officeworks)
  • journal to write notes and stick exercises into
  • tissue paper -black, white and old dress pattern pieces
  • landscape reference (I have a folder of these if you can’t get one)
  • water and wash dishes
  • wet ones
  • backboard and clips

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