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We begin by Logging in.

You must use your USERNAME and PASSWORD you created when you joined.
A simple maths equation must be answered to help prevent spam. Hit the SUBMIT button.

If you are NOT a member, you have the option to click the JOIN button and be taken to a join page.

Once submitted, you are taken to your ACCOUNT page.
At this point, you can add or change details or just click on any menu items above and view the website.

The ACCOUNT page also allows you to see your last payment date. Click the PAYMENT button and you will see it.

The PAYMENTS button will show all the paid memberships, courses or events you have attended. Currently, ONLY membership shows here. You will see a pdf receipt that you can download for your records.

You may also click on the SUBSCRIPTIONS button to renew at any time and have the ‘grace’ of 14 days from the end date to pay. You will receive an email 7 days before the renewal date.

You may also change your PASSWORD here. Go to the bottom of the page, click Change Password and an email will be sent to you. Follow the prompts and change it.


You may logout at this point by clicking the LOGOUT button.

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