And Album Cover Art Competition.


The members exhibition of entries will show here from early February 2021.

The Hush Foundation asked CAW artists to submit a design for their new album cover.

So, what is the Hush Foundation? The Foundation was established in 2000 by renowned physician, Dr Catherine Crock AM. She wished to help children undergoing painful medical procedures at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne. Her inspired vision was to transform the culture of health care through the arts. She began by introducing specially composed music from some of Australia’s foremost musicians and composers into hospital operating theatres and recovery rooms. Since then 19 stunning volumes of music have been recorded and made available to hospitals and care facilities throughout Australia and around the world.

Now COVID-19 restrictions have eased, the next Hush Album is being prepared. And this is where you can be involved.

The new album will feature 6 female singer-songwriters: Kate Miller Heidke, Megan Washington, Mama Kin, Naomi Crellin, Emily Wuramurra, and Missy Higgins.

Catherine took these musicians to visit maternity and mother-baby units where they met and talked with young parents about the joys and challenges of new parenthood. Each singer then wrote two songs. All are also parents of young children so they are able to also bring their own experiences to bear. Their performances are accompanied by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

The title of the album will be Hand in Hand. This will be the highest profile album so far for Hush and will bring new audiences. So Hush has asked CAW for a standout piece of artwork by the end of January. We assured her that CAW artists are up to the challenge.

You can find out more about The Hush 20 Project on the Hush website.

The entries by our members are shown below.


There were 19 fantastic entries in the competition.
They appear here in order of entry date. First in — best dressed — so to speak.

All images click to enlarge.

Belinda MUIR | Hand In Hand | Watercolour | 2021

Belinda Muir

Briana ZAFFINA | Hand In Hand | Watercolour | 2021

Briana Zaffina

Hilary WARREN | Sisters | Print | 2021

Hilary Warren

Peter PICK | Hands | Linocut | 2021

Peter Pickernell

Patricia O'NEIL | Hand In Hand | Linocut Relief | 2021

Patricia O’Neil

Buffy Jackson

Maureen Domaschenz | hands

Maureen Domaschenz

Jill MAIL | Teddy | Pencil | 2021

Jill Mail

Leonie Andrews | Together We Fly | 2021

Leonie Andrews

Shaun MYLES | Breakfast Eggs Needed | Mixed Media | 2021

Shaun Myles

Shaun Myles

Leonie Andrews | Together We Fly | 2021

Caroline Brooks

Leonie Andrews | Together We Fly | 2021

Caroline Brooks

Russell Ayres

Prue POWER | Hand In Hand | Mixed Media | 2021

Prue Power

Prue POWER | The Protecting Hand | Etching | 2020

Prue Power

Caroline JEPPESEN | Those Special Moments | Acrylic | 2021-

Caroline Jeppesen

Sallie SAUNDERS | Fierce Friends | Textile Mixed Media | 2021

Sallie Saunders