by | 9 Apr 2021 | Blog post

Canberra Art Workshop is currently encouraging members to label their image files in a consistent protocol that helps us correctly use photos of artworks.

We now have a huge image library on our website going back a few years and it is becoming almost impossible to remember who owns what image or which artist was the painter.

All art institutions use similar protocols. We are suggesting we follow the Australian National Gallery protocol of:

Henri Matisse, The sorrow of the king (La tristesse du roi), 1952, gouache on paper, cut and pasted, mounted on canvas, 292×386cm 

Which is:

On a PC

Artist Name, Year painted, The Title, Medium, size in cm

On a Mac

Artist Name | Year painted | The Title | Medium | size in cm

The short video on On Show entry page shows you how to do it if you are not sure.

Thank you in anticipation.