Composition for Representational Painting

Oil, acrylic, pastel OR watercolour
M16 Artspace

Studio B

21 Blaxland Crescent Griffith ACT 2604

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20–21 February 2021


Tutor: Ian Chapman




Master artists share a language.

It makes their art compelling to viewers, regardless of their style, medium or school: abstracted or figurative, impressionistic or expressionistic, looser or tighter, traditional or contemporary.
Successful artworks are built on this visual language.
Ian will generously share his own pictorial vocabulary, and explain the language used by great artists over hundreds of years.
Over the weekend, you can have some creative fun discovering how artists have developed masterpieces through their understanding of the visual forces that make up a painting whether abstract or representational and enjoy expanding your own ideas and work.

About the tutor

Ian Chapman paints in various media. He has shown his paintings throughout Australia for fifty years and exhibits regularly in France where he was a principal artist at the French Pastel Society’s international exhibition in La Rochelle in 2018. 

He is Vice President and a Life Member of the Australian Watercolour Institute.

See his website or Google Ian Chapman Australian Artist.

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Materials list

Day one: we will be exploring concepts primarily using pencil and paper so bring 

  • an A4 pad, 
  • 2B pencil and 
  • black marker with a chisel point.

Day two: I will encourage you to create multiple concepts rather than labour on one or two.  My emphasis is on design rather than technique, so you may use the medium of your choice.

Choose an economic surface appropriate to your medium as this will encourage experimentation [expensive papers and canvas are inhibiting!]. 

Not large, A3 [32×45 cm] or quarter imperial [37×28 cm] as a guide. 

Ten sheets minimum.


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