Notice of the 2020 Canberra Art Workshop Annual General Meeting

2019 Report2020 president's report

2020 General Meeting

Where: M16 Foyer and Gallery
When: 10.00–11.30am SUNDAY 25 October.
You will find all the AGM documents on the CAW website here, as follows:
  • Agenda
  • Minutes of the 2019 AGM
  • 2019–20 Annual Report
  • 2019–20 Financial Statements
  • 2019–20 Independent Audit Report
You will also find the following two forms on the website and attached to this email:
  • A Committee Nomination Form. If you are interested in nominating for the Committee, please fill this form in and return it via email — — or post in the studio letterbox by COB on Sunday 11 October. Please note that you need two CAW members to nominate and second you. Don’t forget to sign the form. Copies of this form are also available in the studio.
  • Proxy Declaration Form. If you are unable to attend and would like someone to vote on your behalf, please ensure this form is completed and returned via email — — or post in the studio letterbox by 2pm Saturday 24 October.
We look forward to seeing you at the AGM.
However, if you are unable to attend, please send you apology to


General Business 

  1. Opening and Welcome from President 
  2. Recognition of Quorum (at least 5 members) and Receipt of Proxies  
  3. Apologies  
  4. Confirmation of the Minutes from the previous AGM. That the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 27 October 2019 be approved and signed as a true and correct record  
  5. Business Arising from the Minutes 
  6. Annual Report
  7. Financial Report and presentation of the audited Annual Financial Statement. That the Annual Financial Report of the Canberra Art Workshop for the financial year 2019–20 be approved  
  8. Life membership acceptance
  9. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Members (4) and Public Officer  
  10. Appointment of an Auditor
  11. General Business (no formal motions or new business)  
  12. Closure.

2019 Annual General Meeting Report 

27 October 2019 2.00pm

CAW Studio (Workspace B), M16 Artspace, 21 Blaxland Cresent, Griffith
Documents provided to attendees:
AGM 2019 agenda
AGM 2018 minutes
2018-19 Annual report
Independent audit report
CAW financial statement
Summary of CAW’s 2019 Survey.

1. Opening and Welcome from President

The meeting opened at 2 PM; the President welcomed all members, Guest Speaker Dan Stewart and Richard Cobden: CAW Bookkeeper.

2. Recognition of Quorum (5 members) and Receipt of Proxies

A quorum was acknowledged.

3. Apologies

In attendance
Cliff Woodward
Claudia Bottrill
Hugo Toro
Liz Hanna
Simon Mitchell
Rick Cochrane
Prue Power
Ross Andrews
Jill Mail
Terry O’Brien
Michael Boyle
Amanda Adrian
Lynne Combe
Richard Cobden
Pam Bleakley
Sallie Saunders
Julie Spencer
Luis Lifschutz

4. Confirmation of 2018 AGM Minutes

Moved: Terry O’Brien Seconded: Amanda Adrian:
That the minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on the 28 October 2018 be approved and signed as a true and correct record.
Carried unanimously.

5. Business Arising from the Previous Minutes

Terry O’Brien sought update on resolution of the issue of financial / membership status of committee members. All committee members pay a reduced annual membership fee of $10 — thus securing their financial status.

6. Annual Report (28 October2018 – 27 October 2019)

Presented by Rick Cochrane.
Outgoing Committee members: Ross Andrews (Communications), and Secretary: Simon Mitchell were acknowledged for their outstanding services and thanked.
Moved:  Amanda Adrian Seconded: Liz Hanna 
That the Annual Report be received
Carried unanimously.

7. Financial Report and Presentation of the Audited Annual Financial Statement

Presented by Richard Cobden – CAW Bookkeeper
Annual Financial Statement and Audit Statement indicate the CAW to be in a sound financial position with a healthy financial year-end surplus of $30,000 — excluding the funds held for the Mavis Hall Trust.
Member, Sallie Saunders queried the legal fees ($9000). Treasurer, Prue Power explained these fees were incurred through the process of establishing the Mavis Hall Trust, adding Trust fund capital cannot be used, only interest accrued. Hence no scholarship can be awarded during this coming financial year.
Moved:  Prue Power Seconded: Sallie Saunders
That the Annual Financial Report of the Canberra Art Workshop for the financial year 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 be approved.
Moved from the chair that the financial report be accepted as a true and accurate record, seconded by Pam Bleakley.
Carried unanimously.

8. Presentation of Life membership to Lalor Curran

Long-term CAW member, committee member Lalor Curran was acknowledged by the awarding of Canberra Art Workshop Life Member in recognition of his outstanding service over many years.

9. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members

Committee stands down.
Returning Officer, Liz Hanna, assumed the chair to preside over the nomination process and thanked outgoing and retiring members
Nominations were received as follows:
President: Rick Cochrane, no other nominations — elected unopposed
Vice President: Jill Mail, no other nominations — elected unopposed
Secretary: Evan Williams, no other nominations  elected unopposed
Assistant Secretary: Liz Hanna, no other nominations  elected unopposed
Treasurer: Prue Power, no other nominations  elected unopposed
Members: Cliff Woodward, Amanda Adrian, Sallie Saunders  no other nominations  elected unopposed.
Pam Bleakley was elected unopposed as Public Officer, as there were no other nominations.

10. Appointment of an Auditor for the 2019–20 Financial Year

Moved: Prue Power Seconded: Amanda Adrian
That Pan White of Good Books Accounting be appointed as CAW Auditor for the 2019–20 Financial Year.
Carried unanimously.

11. General Business

No formal motions or new business.

12. Closure

The AGM closed at 2.17pm.

Guest Speaker

Dan Stewart, Director Planning and Development, Geocon
Dan presented plans for the Kingston Arts Precinct. Geocon were awarded the contract from the ACT government after a competitive bidding process. Contracts were signed in June 2019, anticipating approximately a 4-year timeline. The design phase is iterative, allowing input from residents and tenants. The entire precinct will include a public space for 5000 people, residential apartments with their own parking, a hotel, with the internal area dedicated as an Arts Precinct, with dedicated parking for 500 vehicles.
Discussion ensued, with considerable focus on parking, costs and studio layout.
Rick Cochrane (CAW President), Dennis Bentley (Past President) & Liz Hanna (Committee Member) attended one of the public forums held in the Fitters Workshop. Rick Cochrane and Prue Power (Treasurer) have held ongoing meetings with ASOC, M16 and the architects to progress the interests of CAW.
Members were invited to remain in Studio B for drinks and nibbles

2020 President’s Report 

Rick Cochrane, President, 25 October 2020
In the face of the most unusual and difficult year, CAW has still managed some significant achievements.  Although Covid-19 restrictions postponed our normal operations for 6 months from March to October, we were able to maintain and grow our membership in anticipation of our reopening.


The CAW now has 242 financial members. We were pleased to extend all subscriptions by 3 months to compensate somewhat for the closure of our studio, due to the pandemic.

Art Groups and Convenors

As we all know, CAW’s Art Groups are the core business of our Association and couldn’t operate without the tireless commitment of our Convenors. I’m sure, like me, you are all pleased to get back to your Art Groups, enjoying the company of colleagues in creating art together again. I must point out that our art group activities did not cease altogether during the studio closure. Cliff Woodward maintained his fortnightly portrait Art Group online to the creative delight of participants.

Workshops and Classes

Our Workshops and Classes Program is not only a significant revenue source for the Association, it has also given CAW a higher profile in the arts community. This year, the program had to be postponed for 6 months which meant moving dates into the latter part of 2020 and also into 2021. However, we have not lost ground with most of the re-scheduled program again booking well. Many thanks to our Events Team for this fabulously creative program: Prue Power, Amanda Adrian, Julie Spencer, Sallie Saunders and Glenda Wakeham.

On Show Exhibition

With the studio and M16 shutdown came the cancellation of our annual Testamur Exhibition. We adapted by moving On Show to an online format but as restrictions started to ease we were offered the M16 main gallery space again. With very little notice we mounted the biggest and most ambitious show in CAW’s history. Seventy works were hung and an accompanying catalogue containing narratives for each painting was produced.  A big thanks to our exhibition team Amanda Adrian and Jill Mail, working with me, to ensure this monumental effort.
Many thanks to Ross Andrews for his work in preparing the comprehensive application, required by M16 for the main gallery space. Without his effort it would not have come to fruition.


Our Communications Team also worked throughout our studio closure to maintain the CAW’s profile via our social media sites. A new initiative was to create a virtual Studio Gallery Wall on Instagram. Many thanks to Ross Andrews and Michael Creagh.
You will have noticed our new-style Member News, which has been distributed to you all every month during the studio closure. We certainly hope this has been useful in keeping you informed and in giving you a glimpse of activities during this time. Thanks to Prue Power and Ross Andrews for keeping this going. Now we have reopened, Member News will come to you every 2 months.


During the studio closure, we also took the opportunity for a much needed studio renovation. Our aim was to maximise available space, ensuring compliance with Covid-19 requirements, and also to refresh our studio facilities with new cabinetry, double sinks, a dishwasher and small under bench fridge.
This down time also saw the creative energies of Evan Williams and Jill Mail in renovating our studio gallery wall. It has been painted mid grey with a high hanging rail.  The print cabinet has been replaced with a smaller movable unit and the bookshelf relocated to save more space and free this gallery wall. With the installation of a hanging system CAW will be able to hold mini studio- based exhibitions. Great work and thanks Evan and Jill.

Digital Systems

And, as you will appreciate, a lot of behind-the-scenes work has been done to improve our digital systems, including our membership database and Art Group booking and payment systems. Thanks to our web manager, Chris Gray, working with Prue Power to build these systems for us.
CAW has also implemented a new digital financial system called Xero, commencing in 2020–21. We extend out thanks to our hard-working bookkeeper, Richard Cobden, for supporting the CAW so meticulously.
All these improvements are designed to create efficiencies for CAW, lessen the administrative workload of Convenors and other volunteers as well as enabling us to limit numbers to comply with our Covid-19 requirements.

New Life Members

Few members are aware of the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to keep CAW running. Inevitably the burden falls on too few people. Among those who consistently do much more are two people, Prue Power and Dennis Bentley.
Dennis’s history with CAW goes back before 2006 when I first became involved. He has singly built and installed most of the studio infrastructure and during this break has built additional space saving improvements. He continues on a quest for constant improvements. Dennis also stood for a year as CAW president.
Prue Power is an energy dynamo. I fear greatly that CAW is wearing her out and we desperately need to find additional administrative volunteers to lessen her load. CAW will have to cut back on our weekend workshop program and increase membership fees if this does not happen. These require the equivalent of a time of a part time unpaid job. Her administrative skills and drive have made CAW the dynamic organisation it now is.
Both Dennis and Prue need our acknowledgement and thanks and to that end the committee have nominated them for Life Membership for you to endorse at the annual general meeting.
Thank you
So finally I would like to thank and acknowledge all those who keep CAW running.
Our committee: Prue Power, Evan Williams, Jill Mail, Amanda Adrian, Cliff Woodwood, Pam Bleakley, Sallie Saunders, Liz Hanna.
Our Teams: I have already mentioned Events, Exhibition and Comms Teams, but lets give them extra applause now.
Convenors: As I have already said, without the valuable administration of our Art Group Convenors we just could not operate, so I’ll lead another round of applause for them.
Finally, on behalf of all our members I offer our thanks and appreciation to all.