Saturday afternoons


Convenor: Cliff Woodward

GROUP FEE: $20.00 per session

The Saturday workgroup is held on the second and fourth Saturday of every month. The second Saturday is life-drawing where we study the human form using a life-model, with fast sketches (1–3 mins) which then extend to longer studies as the afternoon progresses (20–30mins).  We like to have discussions during the breaks about interesting topics such as politics, art, football, art and also art.  Some weeks we will focus on particular body parts, such as the face, the neck, back, etc… these are fun and help us to understand aspects about gesture and how the underlying structures (muscle and bone) inform us as artists.
The fourth Saturday is given over to portraiture. Here we have the model hold the same pose for the full session.  We take our time to learn about our subject, to study their features and map out a likeness.  We work in any and all media, there are no rules!  We learn from each other (some of our members are classically trained) and also have discussions regarding the features of the face, or what makes a good portrait!
We are a friendly bunch and always welcoming of new members when they are able to join us. We foster a supportive, collegial environment, where the emphasis is on friendship, creativity, and having a nice time on a Saturday afternoon of art-making.
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