Wednesday mornings


Convenor: Pauline Rohan

GROUP FEE: $5.00 per session

Payment for Art Groups are non-refundable.

Pastel is a medium that straddles the line between painting and drawing. The finished pieces can look just as wonderful as an oil painting or watercolour depending on the application processes used – just look at pastel works by Degas, Lautrec or da Vinci. Pastels are a very forgiving medium and a great start for someone venturing into the use of colour for the first time.

Wednesday Morning Pastels is not a tutored group, however, our members are always on hand to gladly offer help and are particularly helpful to new members who are in the early stage of their pastel painting experience. Many of our members have attended tutored workshops given by professional pastel artists, whether organised by CAW or externally, and are always generous in sharing new techniques and ideas that they have learned from these workshops.

To this end, the Wednesday Pastel group provides an energetic and warm environment for pastelists of all levels of proficiency to absorb themselves in their work, and to enjoy some friendly company.

Media Used

Predominantly soft pastels, oil pastels, and we are keen to try out Pan Pastels which are starting to become more widespread.

Media Restrictions

On the whole, we restrict the art group to the use of pastels, whether soft pigment or oil pastels. The use of fixative sprays is restricted to the external areas of the building.

Term two completed.