Ross Andrews and Michael Boyle

2017 Convenor’s Dinner

by | 21 Apr 2017 | NEWS, MEMBER NEWS

Hosted by the CAW Committee, on behalf of our members, the inaugral CAW Convenors and Event Team Get-Together was held over dinner at Gryphons on Friday, 21 April 2017.

Rick Cochrane, CAW president, welcomed everyone and acknowledged their invaluable contribution to CAW. This was an opportunity for CAW to say thank you as well to provide a setting to meet one another and address nominated issues of importance set by those attending. Discussion was robust covering current and future studio policies, practices and procedures, fees and facilities, as well as increased workgroup and exhibition promotion.

Please see the President’s May Newsletter for more details.

Photos of some in attendance on the night: Above: Ross Andrews (committee) and Michael Boyle (convenor).
Below: Cliff Woodward (committee & convenor) and Julie Spencer (convenor and events team); Hugo Toro (convenor) and Lori Smith (web manager and events team); Anne Sawkins and Carolyn Brooks (convenors); Robyn Booth (events team)